About me

Hi there, I am a geographer and data analyst based in Bern, Switzerland.

My passion is building static and interactive data visualisations with all kinds of data. For my visualisations I use the programming language R with the famous ggplot2 library and extensions as well as opensource software such as QGIS and Inkscape (by the way, this webpage is made with R + Hugo).

I offer a freelance service regarding data analysis and visualisation. If you need assistance in your scientific or enterprise project, get in touch!

Why Data Visualisation?

Often times data is too complex to understand from a table. In that case, a clear data visualisation can transport the desired message to customers or fellow co-workers and determine the fate of a project. To deliver such a data visualisation, it is mandatory to work in a participatory process between customers, tech experts and the final receiver.

Contribtions in the open-source data science community


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